Multimedia Productions

The multimedia class at Tri-County will teach audio and video production in the age of the Internet. Students will learn state of the art equipment and software like the Sony PXW-FS5 4k video camera, DJI Phantom 3 Professional Drone, Sennheiser wireless audio, and the full suite of Adobe CC applications including Premiere and After Effects.

From pre-production and planning to production and post-production, the class will cover topics like scriptwriting and storyboarding, cinematography, location sound recording, still photography, lighting, video editing, drone videography, and music. Today’s variety of media will also be covered including producing recorded and live streaming video for Zoom, YouTube, podcasting, documentary and feature films, stop-motion animation, event videography, and journalism. Legal issues and professionalism will also be studied.

Certification in Adobe Premiere will be available, with possibilities also for Adobe After Effects. Jobs for graduates would include camera operator, cinematography, lighting, location sound, video and audio editor, copy editor, reporter, music composer, boom operator, sound engineer, production assistant, event videographer, and drone pilot.