Technical Foundations

The Technical Foundations Program provides regional 9th and 10th grade hands-on learners a program designed to lay the foundations for transferable technical skills.  The “hard” skills are based around mechanical contracting, and include the fundamentals of electricity and some of the supporting skills that ally with it, such as basic wiring, black iron piping, soldering, piping, oxy-acetylene torches, and a host of other skills that will easily transfer to the other programs. They will also develop “soft” skills, attitudes, and understandings leading toward graduation as a responsible and involved citizen and a collaborative and quality worker. The focus of the program is renewable and sustainable energy sources. Technical Foundations is the only program at Tri-County Technical Center that is accessible to 9th graders.

Outcomes: Competency certificate, Skill Profile, MaineOxy Certification, and NOCTI certificate.