Computer-Aided Drafting and Design (CADD)

Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD) is a one- or two-year program beginning with an introductory course in computer-aided drafting/design where students will be taught basic CAD commands, tools, multi-view drawing as well as dimensioning and annotation techniques. Students who successfully complete this first year class will be able to:

  • demonstrate basic concepts of the AutoCAD, Sweethome 3D, Tinkercad, and Cura, software programs
  • apply basic concepts to develop construction (drawing) technique
  • demonstrate ability to manipulate drawings through editing and plotting techniques.

Students will also have a fundamental understanding of geometric construction, the use of Blocks, Design Center, as well as Tool Palettes.

The first year of the program prepares students for Certiport’s AutoCAD User certification allowing first year students to earn credentials of an entry-level designer as a high school student. These skill sets will be reinforced using the newest of technologies, including rapid prototyping, 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Students will learn to proficiently produce template drawings, 2D Orthographic Projections, demonstrate dimensioning concepts and techniques, while demonstrating their understanding of section and auxiliary views.

Second year students will be prepared to become certified AutoCAD professionals, further preparing them for vocational positions in drafting, designing, engineering or as project coordinators. We continue to develop and offer internships for second year students, as well as future articulation agreements leading to college credits. This program includes strong practical math and literacy skills designed to help students realize their potential and prepare them for what is next… Whether post-secondary or directly entering a professional vocation.