Fire Fighting

Students in the Fire Fighting program at TCTC will follow the Fire Fighter 1 & 2 curriculum. The curriculum requires a minimum of 250 hours of class time and additional live training hours. Live training hours may be held on the weekends and in conjunction with local Fire Departments, so students must commit to meeting those required times. Students will also earn their First Aid/AED/CPR certifications through the course.

Students will become familiar with all fire fighting gear, including turn out gear, helmets, masks, hoses, equipment, and fire trucks.

Students are not required to have an affiliation with a local Fire Department, but it is recommended. Students must be 16 years of age and be physically able to perform the duties of a Fire Fighter. A firefighter may be required to wear fire protective clothing and self-contained breathing apparatus weighing at least 50 pounds in hazardous atmospheres, perform firefighting and rescue operations that expose them to extreme heat, toxic products of combustion and hazardous materials. They may also be required to lift and operate heavy machinery, carry and raise ladders, and climb ladders up to 135 feet in height. A physical examination will be required, and a medical release will need to be signed by a physician. Students must also be able to pass a fit test to use respiratory gear.

Outcomes: First Aid/AED/CPR certification, Fire Fighter 1, Fire Fighter 2, NOCTI certificate.